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Secure Safe Trend I Deposit
Key Features
  • Deposit cash safe allows small businesses and retailers to securely deposit cash, cheques and vouchers
  • Recommended cash rating of £1,000
  • Deposit slot (170mm x15mm) fitted with a full width anti-fishing plate to prevent unauthorised removal of deposited items
  • Constructed with an 8mm solid steel door and 3mm steel body. Hardened steel plates protect boltwork and lock against drilling
  • Available with double bitted key lock or electronic LCD display
  • Override key supplied with electronic version
  • Fixing kit allows DIY securing of safe to floor and/or wall
  • Finished in two tone light and dark grey colours
Model: TI-27 K
Model: TI-27 K
• Exterior 270 x 350 x 345(HxWxD)
• Interior 260 x 340 x 290(HxWxD)
• Volume 26 (Litres)
• Weight 20 kg.

Prices : £201+VAT (Key)
Model: TI-32 K/E
Model: TI-32 K/E
• Exterior 320 x 440 x 395(HxWxD)
• Interior 310 x 430 x 340(HxWxD)
• Volume 46 (Litres)
• Weight 32 kg.

Prices : £238+VAT (Key)
£275+VAT (Electronic)
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